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My naked dreams, ripped at the seams.
My mum used to say, ‘you can’t have fun all the time’, and I used to say, ‘why not’? Why the fuck can’t I have fun all the time?
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Forcing people into certain gender roles isn’t cute. I thought the gays had a long fight ahead of them. Bless these souls who define themselves outside of society’s current ideas of gender “norms.” I don’t understand why we, as human beings, must psychologically—and sometimes even PHYSICALLY—attack people on a basis of difference in gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status (among other things). When was it decided that we must all conform? That we must all be pressed into identical molds so as to attain happiness and success? The moment this society puts love of their fellow man ahead of judgement and hatred will be the day that true happiness can be had, because let’s be honest… Anyone outside the “norm” can’t be happy due to the aforementioned hatred, and those within the “norm” can’t be happy because they’re so busy spewing venom at their fellow man. Open your hearts and open your minds so that one day you may open yourself to happiness that isn’t tinged with animosity.

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why are people always so surprised that food is mass produced and animals are slaughtered where the fuck do you think all 7 billion of us are getting our food imo

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watching yourself being replaced by people better than you


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if a cockroach ever touches one of my limbs I’m chopping it off 

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